Draining Sprinkler Systems

Avoid costly repairs by quickly draining your sprinkler system any time the temperature will drop below 32 degrees.

Watch our video below to learn how to quickly drain your system.

You can also download our step-by-step guide on how to quickly drain your sprinkler system here.

Contact Jetski Landscape with any questions or to schedule your fall sprinkler blowout.

Freeze Warranty
Jetski Landscape warranties all sprinkler blowouts

  • The warranty covers the sprinkler backflow, all copper/brass, valve box(s) and mainlines
  • Jetski Landscape will replace or repair these parts if freezing damage occurs
  • The warranty does not cover sprinkler or rotor heads
  • The warranty doesn't cover any pvc parts that are above ground
  • Jetski Landscape is not responsible for any existing or freeze damage before the blowout. If the system has existing or freeze damage before a scheduled blowout then Jetski Landscape is not responsible. Jetski Landscape will show the owner any damage before the sprinkler blowout is complete.
  • The warranty is void if system is activated before May 1st
  • Due to Colorado's weather, if Jetski Landscape activates a system after May 1st and the system has no freeze damage but there's a freeze after the activation and damage occurs, Jetski Landscape is not responsible. This also includes any flooding from the damage.
  • Freeze warranty only applies if;
    • Jetski Landscape activates the system in the spring
    • The system hasn't been previously activated
    • There are no parts that have been stolen or removed (drain caps don't apply)